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Listen To the Birmingham Six:

Album Infomation below


The Albums

The Kessel Run (2010)

1) On the Thorns (Birmingham Six)

2) Broad Majestic Shannon (MacGowan)

3) The Charles Reel (Birmingham Six)

4) Molly (Birmingham Six)

5) Fisherman's Blues  (Scott, Wickham)

6) Cushy McCoy (Traditional, Lyrics The Irish Balladeers)

7) "The Kessel Run" (Traditional)

8) You Are the One For me (Birmingham Six)

9) Johnson's Motorcar (Traditional)

10) With Friends (Birmingham Six)

11) The Priest And Me (Birmingham Six)

12) Galway Races (Traditional)

13) Typical (Birmingham Six)


Liner Notes: 

Recorded June - November 2010 at Bossman Studios, Philadelphia, PA
Produced by: Brett Talley & Birmingham Six
Engineered by: Brett Talley
Additional Engineering on "The Kessel Run" & "The Charles Reel": Joseph Arnold
Mixed by: Brett Talley & Birmingham Six
Cover Art & Design: Teddy Czyzewski
Art Direction & CD Layout: James Breslin
Photography: Heather Lynn Adams & James Breslin
Website Design: James Breslin
To contact Birmingham Six for booking inquiries: 
AFOB Productions 267-235-9681
Birmingham Six is:
Joseph Arnold: Fiddle
Barry Breslin: Guitar and Vocals
James Breslin: Bass and Vocals
Brian Kelly: Drums
Paul Wiese: Guitar and Vocals
Special Guest Musician: Brett Talley 
Birmingham Six would like to thank the following people:
First and foremost, special thanks to Brett Talley for his support, collaboration, creativity, and especially his patience.  Also, for helping us complete this album in less than twelve parsecs. We would like to thank our families for the love and encouragement. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks to Ashley Bridgewater; Stephen Sheg; Carina McKee for all of your help over the years; Jack Sullivan & AOH Div. #2 Monmouth, NJ; Joe Driscol; the fellas from The Shantys, O’Farrelly’s Whiskey, Jamison & The Broken Shillelaghs; Mark Rogers at WSTW 93.7FM Hometown Heroes; John Bowles at Paddy Rock Radio; Daly’s Irish Bar; Tir Na NOg, Trenton, NJ; The Pickle Man; We would also like to thank the friends who continuously show up to support us.  Free Timmy! Thank you coffee, beer & women, you make my life, so worth livin’..




Iron Rations (2008)

1. Foggy Dew (words by Father P. O’Neill)

2. Heart Of Gold, Head Of Stone (Birmingham Six) 

3. Nancy Whiskey (trad.)

4. Last Breath (Birmingham Six)

5. At Last (Birmingham Six)

6. Streets Of Sorrow/ Birmingham Six (MacGowan/ Woods)

7. Finnegan’s Wake (trad.)

8. His Favorite Spot (B. Talley/ Birmingham Six)

9. Back Home In Derry (words by Bobby Sands)

10. South Australia (trad.)

11. Farewell Ye Bastard (Birmingham Six)

12. Grab Another Whiskey (Birmingham Six)


Liner Notes:

Without the following people, this album would not have happened: Fran O’Connor, Susan Steen, Rob McDonald and especially Brett Talley. We are forever grateful.


Recorded from January - July 2008 at Hand In Hand Studios in Philadelphia, Pa. Produced by: Brett Talley. Engineered and mastered by: Brett Talley. Mixed by: Brett Talley and Birmingham Six

Guest Musicians: Brett Talley (Vocals and percussion on track 10; Guitar on tracks 10, 11), Susan Steen (Vocals on track; Keyboards on track 12)

Concept, artwork and layout: James Breslin. Crate built by: Robery Heyes. Band Photography:Bryn Nealis. Website: Carina McKee at Viking Graphics. Promotions: Jim Fowler.

Birmingham Six would like to thank the following people: Mom, Jesus and the Easter Bunny, our families for their constant support, Brett Talley, Susan Steen or Talley (whatever she is calling herself these days), Fran O’Connor, Rob McDonald, Jim Louge who named the album but for whom this album is not dedicated, Joe Driscoll, Jim Fowler, everyone at the Bristol AOH, all the area bands who have supported us especially The Shanty’s, Jameson, Bare Knuckled Boxers, and Bogside Rogues, Tim - for not wanting Paul in the band - otherwise this wouldn’t have happened, Gerry and Casey, all the places we’ve played and keep having us back and anyone else we may have forgotten to mention. And of course a very special thank you to anyone and everyone who has come to support us over the last year and a half. Without your constant support we would not be able to do what we do. We appreciate and thank you.



John M. @ Shite’N’Onions

Solid is the word I think of after giving some serious spins to ‘Iron Rations”, the debut from PA based Birmingham Six (named after 6 Irish men wrongly convicted of bombings in England in the 1970s). The Six (4 actually) play solid contemporary Irish-American rock’n'roll that occasionally veers into punk - influences include The Pogues, The Clancys, The Who and Flogging Molly. The tracks are a nice mix of traditional/standards and originals. My favorite track is “His Favorite Spot”; an ode to a well loved bucket of blood and of course if you’re in that particular bucked of blood on Paddy’s day and Birmingham Six are playing a great time is guaranteed (though you might not remember anything the next day).

John B. @ Paddy Rock Radio

It’s about time that these seasoned musicians have put together their debut CD with “Iron Rations”!! Barry Breslin has been performing these traditional Irish tunes for a long time now, and here with his cohort within the Birmingham Six (James Breslin - Bass, vocals, Brian Kelly - Drums, Paul Wiese - Vocals, guitar, mandolin) their love for the music shines through. “Iron Rations” is pretty rough around the edges, but the CD packs some pretty good versions of songs like “Nancy Whiskey”, “Foggy Dew”, “Streets Of Sorrow/Birmingham Six”, “Finnegan’s Wake”, “Back Some In Derry”, and “South Australia” for a band making their first release. The true surprise to me is how well their original tracks took shape on this recording… really well written songs, and had me even tapping my foot along with each beat as they took off. This is a fun Irish Pub Rockin band for you to enjoy while kicking back a couple pints… hell… even kick back a couple in the office when the bos s isn’t looking to this fun disc. If you enjoy the sounds of Bogside Rogues, The Broken Shillelaghs, The Gobshites, Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers, and hell… even the Pogues…. you will love this true Irish Folk Rock band. Have these boys come play at your favorite pub… and raise your pints high and sing along…. Hats off to Barry, Paul, and the whole gang for shooting me this disc.

Rory @ Radio Rebel Gael

Cheers to Jimmy Breslin, from the Birmingham Six, for sending along those tunes from the brand new album, Iron Rations…they are one of those bands you just can’t pass up. Kind of like my favorite Celtic Paddy Punkers, Blood or Whiskey. As far as Celtic Rock & Reel, I would say Birmingham Six are one of the best new Celtic Rock bands these days…