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Help Get Us Nominated!

So check it out, we've been been nominated by WSTW Homey Awards. Copy and paste the stuff below and email it to: Let everyone know that Irish music is alive and well in Philadelphia and you want to hear more of it on the airwaves. Thanks.

Album of the Year - The Kessel Run

Song of the Year - "On The Thorns"

Best Producer - Brett Talley

Band of the Year - Birmingham Six

Best Lead Singer - Paul Wiese

Best Guitarist - Barry Breslin

Best Bassist - James Breslin

Best Drummer - Brian Kelly

Best Fiddle Player (Yeah, we made this one up) - Joe Arnold


Voting ends Friday, 1/27/2012

IRISH WEEKEND 2011 Schedule!!!

North Wildood's yearly Irish Fesitival! Come on out to see Birmingham Six!

here's the schedule:

9/23 - 12:30-2:30 - Main Stage, 1st & New Jersey Ave.

9/24 - 12:30-2:30 - Main Stage, 1st & New Jersey Ave.

9/24 - 4-8pm - Casey's On 3rd, 3dr & New York Ave.

The Kessel Run - Now Available on iTunes, Amazon, and more!!!!

The Kessel Run is now available for digital download from iTunes,,,, AOL Music and many other websites. You really have no excuse now, go and get it!!!!